College & Career Programs
Community, Connection, & Career Development
Programs for college-aged and early career women and non-binary people to build belonging in tech and develop essential professional skills.
What are our college and career programs?
Girls Who Code offers a wide range of programs designed to support college-aged students and early career professionals (18-25) in persisting in their computer science education and succeeding in their first internships and jobs.
  • 18-25 years old
  • Individuals who identify as women or nonbinary
  • Build Sisterhood
    College & Career programs connect young women and non-binary people who are interested in tech to build a supportive community that helps them persist and succeed in the field
  • Build Leadership
    College & Careers offer students and young professionals opportunities to practice leadership and learn from peers and industry role models.
  • Build Your Career
    College & Career programs provide college-aged students and early career professionals with exclusive opportunities to build relationships with industry professionals, develop and practice key skills, and connect with Girls Who Code corporate partners for internships and jobs.
  • College Loops
    program for college-aged women and non-binary people to build belonging and community in the tech space. College Loops are student-led on-campus organizations that connect students to each other and provide support and resources to help them thrive.
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    Technical Interview Prep
    A free, two-part program for 18-26 year-olds looking to foster their technical interview skills. Participants move through an online course to understand the different types of technical interviews and then practice the art of technical interviews and gain real-time feedback from peers, hiring managers, and recruiters in a two-day Bootcamp.
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    Girls Who Code Talks
    Girls Who Code Talks is a webinar series for our community that brings experts together to explore career paths and exciting technical topics. This series tackles topics like finding an internship, careers in cybersecurity, or how to prepare for an interview.
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    Hiring Summit
    Girls Who Code hosts annual Hiring Summits to directly connect job-seekers with potential hiring partners. They feature keynote speakers, panels, a community lounge, and a Resume Book for hiring partners. The Summit is preceded and followed by optional workshops for participants to help them prepare for and make the most of the Summit.
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