Summer Programs
Coding, Sisterhood, Bravery
High school students gain the computer science skills they need to make an impact and prepare for tech careers in our free, virtual Summer Programs. Summer Program participants invest in their future by learning about tech jobs and meeting industry leaders, all while building a supportive community of sisterhood. These Programs offer incredible benefits including professional connections, financial grants, tech support and much more - no previous computer science experience required!!
Girls Who Code offers two Summer Programs:
  • A two-week Summer Immersion Program to learn game design in live virtual classrooms
  • A six-week Self-Paced Program to explore some of the biggest topics in tech independently
  • Build Skills
    Learn to code through hands-on real-world projects in game design, cybersecurity, data science, web development, and artificial intelligence.
  • Build Community
    Join our diverse sisterhood and make meaningful friendships as you become part of our lifelong alumni network.
  • Build a Professional Network
    Invest in your future by spending your summer with the world’s hottest tech companies. Learn about tech careers by connecting with engineers and entrepreneurs and participating in skill-building workshops.
    In the 2-week Summer Immersion Program (SIP), high school students attend live, virtual classes sponsored by industry-leading companies like MetLife, Bank of America, Logitech and Synchrony. SIP students will dive into the tech world and game design, covering beginner to intermediate CS concepts, the step-by-step design process, and the basics of UX design.
    • Current 9th-11th graders
    • 2-week virtual program
    • $300 needs-based grant for eligible students in the United States
    In the Self-Paced Program, high school students can explore web development, cyber security, data science, and artificial intelligence. Participants work at their own pace to learn coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python, and have the opportunity to build community through live events.
    • Current 9th-12th graders, including Summer Programs alums and graduating seniors
    • 6 weeks to complete course projects at your own pace
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    Check out our webinars for in-depth information about the programs.

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    We're 100% virtual

    We accept applications from students around the world.

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    Summer Programs Impact Study

    Conducted in partnership with the American Institutes for Research (AIR), this landmark study found that high-school students who participate in Girls Who Code’s Summer Programs are more likely than their peers to major in computer-science related fields in college, and highlights the critical role of targeted educational initiatives in fostering gender diversity in tech.

    AIR Report
    Become a Teacher Who Codes
    • Training
      Join our summer teaching team and participate in our innovative teacher training that shows you how to spark interest in computer science and equip students with the skills to succeed.
    • Support
      Experience personalized guidance and access to robust resources that are designed to ensure you feel confident and capable to teach and support your students.
    • Community
      Become part of our diverse network of teachers who are committed to closing the gender gap in technology and advancing women in computer science.
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    See What Our Community is Creating
    Students in our Summer Programs code websites, apps, and video games to address problems facing their communities—from climate change, to cyberbullying, to literacy.
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    Become a Girls Who Code Partner
    Every year, major companies and philanthropic foundations sponsor our programs. Partners host interactive events and mentorship, offering students a truly immersive experience.
    Our Impact
    • 670,000
      Girls, Women and Nonbinary Individuals Coding
      Our programs have served 670,000 girls and non-binary students across the country and around the world since 2012.
    • 50%
      Over half of the girls and non-binary students we serve come from historically underrepresented groups.
    • 7X
      The U.S. Average
      Our alumni are choosing to major in computer science, or related fields, at a rate 7 times the U.S. average.
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