Clubs Program
Clubs for students to explore coding in a fun & friendly environment.
What's a Club?
Clubs are free programs for 3rd-5th and 6th-12th grade students to join a sisterhood of supportive peers and role models using computer science to change the world. Clubs are completely free and offer fun activities through a flexible curriculum that adapts to your unique needs. Clubs can take place after school, on weekends, or during the summer, and they can be held in-person or entirely online.
  • We partner with school districts, library networks and afterschool programs to launch Clubs in communities across the country.
  • Sisterhood
    Join a safe and supportive environment of peers and role models where students learn to see themselves as computer scientists.
  • Code
    Learn the concepts of loops, variables, conditionals and functions that form the basis of all programming languages.
  • Impact
    Work in teams to complete projects that solve real-world problems in your community.
    • Grades 3-5
      Club members read and discuss one of our best-selling books and complete creative challenges. These Clubs can be run entirely offline, with optional online components. Free curriculum, meeting guides and tutorials, and Facilitator support provided.
    • Grades 6-12
      Club members build coding skills and community as they complete coding projects. Free curriculum, meeting guides and tutorials, and Facilitator support provided.
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    "I was given the opportunity to talk to women who have successful careers in the field. They made me understand that computer science isn’t just about 1’s and 0’s, it’s about combining your interests with technology to better the future."
    Myisha Kinberg, Alum
    Code at Home!

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Girls Who Code made free computer science activities available for download to anyone who wants to access them. Some activities are online, some are offline, and all are of varying levels of difficulty. Each activity features a woman in tech who pioneered innovative technology.

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    Our Impact
    Girls Who Code is on a mission to close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a programmer looks like and does
    • 670,000
      Students Reached
      We have clubs all over the United States, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom!
    • 50%
      Over half of the girls we serve come from historically underrepresented groups.
    • 7X
      the U.S. average
      Our alumni major in computer science, or related fields, at a rate 7 times the U.S. average.
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