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Girls Who Code Campus offers two-week summer coding courses for girls ages 10-18 in cities across the country. Explore our 2019 courses below!


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Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition varies by course for Girls Who Code Campus. See Registration for the price by course.

Classes are more fun in pairs, so when you buy two courses and you will get 50% off the second course! Discount will be applied at registration check out.

Girls Who Code offers need-based scholarships covering the full program tuitions for families that qualify. Scholarship applications are processed on a rolling basis.

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Meet our Instructors

Galen is a software engineer at a telemedicine startup in New York City. She loves collaborating with her coworkers to solve tough problems and build things that have never been built before. In her job, she uses JavaScript and works on full-stack web projects. She considers herself to be both creative and technical. She wants to help get more people into programming by breaking the stereotype that coding is dry and uncreative work — it’s totally the opposite!


Robyn is a Ph.D. student in mathematics, focusing on Algebraic & Computational Topology (whoa!). She has taught with Girls Who Code for three consecutive summers. “Working with GWC, I have seen the powerful impact that sisterhood & creativity can have on a computer science education. Being part GWC is a life-changing experience – we not only gain knowledge & skills, but also create a community in which each member is encouraged to engage in their passions & meaningfully impact the world.