If you have an affiliation with a school, university, library, community center, faith-based organization, or non-profit, you could be a good candidate to start a Girls Who Code Club.

Resources You’ll Need

To start a Club, you must be able to provide:


Secure a regular space to accommodate all members of the Club, such as a classroom or computer lab


Provide a desktop or laptop computer to all members of the club. Sorry, tablets and phones not allowed.


Our curriculum depends on reliable Internet access for all participants of the club throughout the year.


You Will Have

Identify leadership that can do the following. Ideally, these responsibilities are overseen by one person.


Handle administrative details of the Club such as securing space, recruiting students, and liaising with Girls Who Code


Lead Club girls through the Girls Who Code curriculum every week throughout the academic year. Our self-guided curriculum is designed so that anyone with teaching experience can facilitate a Club; no computer science experience is needed!

Learn about being a Clubs Facilitator

Ready to Start a Club?

Find a Facilitator

Facilitators must be 18+, have some experience teaching (ex: Teacher, TA or volunteer) & have 3-4 volunteer hours per week, including travel & prep time.

Fill out our application

You must be a member of a non-profit organization to complete an application. On the application, you’ll designate an adult to handle the administrative details of the Club and serve as the Facilitator.

Applications to start a Club for the 2016-2017 academic year are closed. Join our mailing list and we’ll email you when applications open up for the 2017-2018 academic year!

Get Started

Once your Club application is approved and you’ve identified a Facilitator, we’ll send you the Club curriculum and materials to help you get your Club off the ground!