Core Values

We believe that all girls have the interest and ability to learn to code. Our belief is demonstrated in our core values:

To us, being brave is about being resilient, persistent, and ambitious. We set ambitious goals knowing that together, we can achieve them. We bravely take risks, admit and learn from our mistakes, and continue to improve our organization and ourselves. We are optimistic about our goals because, while this work is hard, it’s also possible.

Girls-First Leadership:

At Girls Who Code, our work starts and ends with our girls. We are committed to designing quality programs and products that reflect the diversity of the girls that we serve. We approach our work with humility, curiosity, and an open mind. Our work equips, inspires and educates girls to use technology to change the world.


Our sisterhood includes all our allies. At Girls Who Code, we’re all working together toward a common vision and we believe collaboration is the key to getting there. We recognize that a diversity of ability, background, culture, experience, identity, status, and opinion makes our products and organization stronger, and we strive to build equitable and inclusive environments. We respect and lift up one another, knowing that our different backgrounds and experiences will help us expand our impact.


We know the quality of the work we do is important. We are committed to providing a meaningful learning experience for all girls that we reach and are dedicated to doing things well — especially as we scale.


Communicating with integrity, compassion and an openness to giving and receiving feedback are the building blocks of a healthy, creative culture. We believe in speaking up, being forthright, and saying what you mean.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement

Girls Who Code is an organization that values diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential to our mission.

We acknowledge that historical and institutional barriers—particularly racial bias and discrimination—play a role in the widening gender gap in computer science and who has access to opportunities in these fields. Girls Who Code focuses our work not only on gender diversity but also on young women who are historically underrepresented in computer science fields, specifically girls who:

  • Come from underrepresented minority groups, including African American/Black, Hispanic or Latina, Bi/ Multiracial, Native American/Alaskan, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander;

  • Come from low-income backgrounds, specifically free and/or reduced lunch eligible;

  • Have had a lack of exposure or access to computer science.

Girls Who Code acknowledges and values the intersections of race/ethnicity, gender identity and expression, class, sexual orientation, ability, age, national origin, and religious/spiritual identities.

Girls Who Code welcomes into our community and programs anyone who identifies as female regardless of assignment at birth. Our programs also welcome people who identify as non-binary or gender nonconforming and want to be in a female-identified environment.

Educational Philosophy

The central belief of the Girls Who Code Educational Philosophy is that all girls are capable of becoming computer scientists.
  • We believe that all girls are creative and able to make a positive impact on the world through computer science.
  • We believe that all girls of varying passions and interests also have the ability to be passionate about and interested in computer science.
  • We believe that graduates of our educational programs will go on to deepen their CS learning and will eventually enter the tech workforce, closing the gender gap, transforming the tech industry, and redefining the common notion of “computer scientist”.