Cracking the Gender Code, a new report from Girls Who Code and Accenture, finds that the gender gap in computing is getting worse, with serious implications for the U.S economy.
But if we act now, we can triple the number of women in computing, growing their share of tech jobs from 24% today to 39%.


The gender gap in tech is getting worse.

Computing skills are the most sought-after in the US job market, with demand growing 3X the national average. Computing is where the jobs are — and where they will be in the future. Yet research shows that the share of women in the computing workforce has declined from 37% in 1995 to 24% today and will continue to fall to 22% by 2025.

We need programs designed specifically for girls.

Programs that focus on universal access — and a one-size-fits-all approach for boys and girls — are actually making the gender gap worse. Our research shows that we need programs designed specifically to spark and sustain girls’ interest from middle school into the workforce.

Spark interest in junior high

Sustain engagement in high school

Inspire a career after college

Focusing on girls could triple the number of women in computing.

Our research found that we can triple the number of women in computing from 1.2M today to 3.9M by 2025 through a targeted approach that focuses on sparking and sustaining girls’ interest from middle school to college. That would lift women’s share of the computing workforce from 24 percent to 39 percent.