In this introductory course you will use Scratch, a drag-and-drop programming language, to learn the fundamentals and creative power of computer science. In the first week of the course you will spend your mornings working on projects that are designed to teach the Girls Who Code Core4 Programming Concepts (loops, variables, conditionals, and functions) which are used to build everything from websites to apps and robots. In the afternoons you will dive into the world of physical computing with Makey Makey, learning about circuits and designing devices that interact with the programs you programmed earlier that day. In week two, you and your team members will take the knowledge and skills you gained the first week to design, build, and present a project about a topic or issue that matters to you. Every day, you will learn about one of the numerous female role models in the field of technology. By the end of the program you will have built your technical skills, forged new friendships, and recognized that you are part of a large sisterhood of girls in tech.

Is This Course for Me?

This course is a great fit for you if:
You are new to computer science and programming

This program is for beginners! You don’t need any previous programming experience or expertise in math and science.

You like to be curious and creative

You will learn how computer science crosses with the arts, social science, design, and other fields.

You want to design and make things that interact with your code

In this program you will use Makey Makey to build a video game controller, interactive art piece or other creation that you and your friends can use to play the games, view the stories, or control the programs you write with Scratch. Makey Makey is an electronic invention kit that allows you to connect everyday objects to computer programs.

You want to impact the world around you

You will see how you can use computer science right now to make change.

You would like a “Girls First” environment

Campus is a safe and supportive environment for you and other girls to build confidence, bravery, and technical skills. Each day you will participate in team building activities to help you build new friendships and you will also learn about other women that are making or have had an impact in tech.

Course Syllabus

What Will I Learn?

By the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Explain each of the GWC Core4 using both technical terminology and real-life analogies.
  • Use the Core4 in Scratch to solve a problem of your choice.
  • Use your creativity to design and build a controller or piece of interactive art for your Scratch project.
  • Build resilience, confidence, and bravery and connect computer science with social justice.
  • Identify various industries that make use of computer science.
  • Name various women leaders in the technical field, and explain their contribution to society.
  • Explain how computer science can affect your community.
  • Explain how you can be a strong ally to other girls in technology

What Will I Build?

In this Campus program you will build projects in Scratch, like this game that teaches you about the scarcity and importance of water or these animations and games that teach players about strong women in history. You’ll also design and build a controller or interface device for your Scratch project. You might decide to build an instrument you can play, an interactive art piece or story (like this or this), or maybe a controller for a game.

What Will I Take Home?

At the end of the course you will take home your Scratch projects, a Makey Makey kit and your individual Makey Makey interface devices.

Sample Schedule

Each day of Campus could look a little different but the schedule below will give you an idea of what to expect most days during the program. The second week of Campus typically involves more project work time because you will be working to complete your capstone project.


A Typical Day in Campus

Morning (9:00AM-12:30PM)

Welcome & Team Building: Your instructor will go over the plan for the day and lead your class through a fun activity designed to help you get to know the other girls in your class better.

Coding Instruction: Learn a core CS concept through a mix of hands-on activities, instruction, reading and coding.

Mini Coding Project: Practice using the day’s CS concept in a small project. Sometimes projects will be individual and sometimes they will be with a partner!

Lunch (12:30PM-1:15PM)

During this lunch block, students and teachers will relax and get to know each other. We also encourage classes to head outside for fresh air and some physical activity if space allows.

Afternoon (1:15PM-4:00PM)

Women in Tech Spotlight: Learn about a female role model in the tech industry.

Makey Makey Lab: Use Makey Makey to learn about interface devices (for example a game controller) and build different interface devices for your mini coding project.

Daily Wrap Up: Share your work with your peers and reflect on what you learned that day.

Your Tuition Includes:

High-caliber Girls Who Code trained instructors

Access to our rigorous, project-based curriculum designed by experts for girls

Access to a laptop and all technology requirements

Your Scratch project code and interface devices built in week one

1 Makey Makey kit

Girls Who Code Swag, such as a T-shirt, water bottle, stickers, and more!

Girls Who Code Campus completion certificate

Access to the Girls Who Code alumni network, including our community mobile app, Girls Who Code Loop, our internship platform, HireMe, and our alumni newsletter