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What is the Self-Paced Program (SPP)?

The Self-Paced Program is a flexible, virtual, introductory computer science program for girls—trans and cis—and non-binary students aged 15 - 18 years old. This program is ideal for students who want computer science exposure and programming, but may otherwise have competing priorities, or are unable to commit to a set schedule every day of the week. We encourage all students who thrive in a self-directed independent learning space, and who also crave sisterhood and community building to apply today!

What will I learn in the Self-Paced Program?

The Self-Paced Program is designed to be flexible and adaptive to your learning style and pace. Students set their own schedules over the summer and can complete up to three different courses--each taking between 5-10 hours to complete and focused on a particular topic and set of Computer Science skills.

Course 1 introduces students to personal branding and portfolio development through creation of their own Personal Website!

In Course 2, students will develop a BuzzFeed-style personality quiz using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The focus of both of these projects is around building sisterhood, community, and sparking interest in Computer Science by engaging in creative projects and activities.

The final course focuses on activism and web design. This will include planning guidance, design resources, and past student projects for inspiration. Students will build a website that raises awareness, tests knowledge, shares information, and/or offers resources around a cause they care about. Some past examples include mental health, racial justice, equity in tech, fast fashion, and climate change. Instead of following a tutorial with a single outcome, students will have the choice to incorporate a key feature or web functionality that best supports their issue from a preset list. Check out the Project Gallery to view past projects!

In addition to developing your Computer Science skills, you'll learn about female role models in technology, past and present. You'll be encouraged to take positive risks as you collaborate with other students to strengthen your resilience, intellectual curiosity, emotional intelligence, and sense of empowerment.

What is required to earn each certificate?

Each course contains a series of videos and readings for structured, self-paced learning. Students are encouraged to apply what they learn to activities and knowledge checks, culminating in a final project submission to GWC for certification--not to mention a great boost for your portfolio!

Students will be required to provide peer feedback on their work and submit an approved final project to earn their certificate. They can also attend Advisory session(s) to build relationships with their classmates, and join Student Hour(s) to work through and problem solve errors in their code. The synchronous, live components of this program are offered in a range of dates and times to meet the flexibility needs of our students.

Upon successful completion of each course, students will also receive a shareable certificate for their resume.

What is the average time it takes to earn each certificate?

Courses typically take 5-10 hours to complete, and students with flexible schedule needs can choose to complete projects at their own pace. Check out the graphic below to see how Self-Paced learning can fit your needs!

Choose Your Path

We strongly encourage students to structure their work to complete courses in one stretch of time, to ensure that our students are able to graduate the program on time and receive their courses certificates of completion.

Our summer courses will be open to accepted students from July 6 to August 13 and students should ensure all project(s) are completed by the end of programming.

Will there be opportunities for me to interact with other students and teaching staff?

Yes! Students are grouped into a cohort of 50 to 60 of their peers. Each cohort is supported by an Advisor who facilitates regular, one-hour Advisory Sessions and provides assignment or project guidance and coaching throughout the 6-week program. Advisory focuses on building sisterhood and support within your cohort through fun activities and discussions. This is a great opportunity for like-minded students to interact with each other and build relationships!

Students can also opt into recurring Student Hours to problem solve with different students from all cohorts. There will be multiple meeting times and dates to allow for flexibility with your schedule.

What materials or equipment will I need?

A computer or laptop with audio and video capabilities, headphones (suggested), and internet access are all that is required to participate in the program. All activities and course materials are web-based and you’ll need to stream live video calls, access emails, and conduct coding on websites.

Students do not need to download any software or have any pre-existing programs on their computers.

What is required to complete the program?

Students who complete at least one course and earn a certificate by the end of the program (August 13) will be considered “complete.” Students will receive electronic confirmation once their coursework has been submitted to our online platform and approved.

To learn more about the requirements for each project, navigate to the question titled, “What is required to complete each project?”

How much does this program cost?

The Self-Paced Program is 100% FREE!

All students need to participate is a working computer or laptop and internet access.

When is the Self-Paced Program?

Our summer Self-Paced program will begin for accepted students on July 6th and end August 13th. During this six-week period, students will have access to program materials and support from advisors. The program will end on August 13th.

Is the Self-Paced Program considered an internship?

No, the Self-Paced Program is not an internship. It is a flexible, online, project-based learning program. This program is ideal for students who want computer science exposure and programming, but may otherwise have competing priorities, or are unable to commit to a set schedule every day of the week.

Students who meet our requirements will receive a certificate per project, which can be included in their resume and portfolio.


Who is eligible to participate in the Self-Paced Program?

English proficient students with access to a computer or laptop and internet access are eligible to participate in the program.

Students will not be able to attend the Self-Paced Program and our virtual Summer Immersion Program (SIP) at the same time. The virtual Summer Immersion Program is a synchronous, 2-week program that runs in the summer concurrently.

I don’t have any Computer Science experience. Should I still apply?

Yes, all you need is a readiness to learn! Our program is designed for beginners.

Are students with Computer Science experience eligible to participate?

Yes, however our curriculum includes an introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding languages. If you’re already an expert in these, or have more advanced experience in computer science, our program probably isn’t a good fit.

Will I be eligible to participate in the Virtual Summer Immersion Program next summer?

Unfortunately, no. At this time, students who participate in our Self-Paced Program this summer will not be able to participate in our Summer Immersion Program (SIP) next year. We encourage students interested in continuing their learning with Girls Who Code to join a Club in their area and download our Code at Home activities from our website.


How do I apply for the Self-Paced Program?

The Summer Immersion Program application is currently closed. Join our mailing list to be alerted when the application becomes available.

When is the Self-Paced Program application due?

We are accepting applications for the Self-Paced Program on a rolling basis. If you apply after the March 19, 2021 Virtual Summer Immersion Program application deadline via www.girlswhocode.com/sipapply, you will be considered for the Self-Paced Program and/or added to the waitlist for the Virtual Summer Immersion Program.

When are students notified about whether they have been accepted to the Self-Paced Program?

Applicants will be notified in May. Students who do not receive an acceptance at that time will be added to our waitlist and will be notified as spots become available. Notifications are sent via email, so make sure to give us the correct email address on your application!