Vote for Girls Who Code’s submission to first-ever open debate!

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced that for the first time ever, ABC & CNN will be looking to the internet to source questions. For the next two debates, voters will be able to submit and vote on the questions we want answers to.

We have a LOT of questions. But here’s the one we want Clinton and Trump to answer October 9 in St. Louis, Missouri:

How will you close the gender gap in technology? By 2020, there will be 1.4 million US jobs available in computing-related fields, but US graduates are on track to fill just 29% of those jobs and women are on track to fill just 3%.

We know what happens when the Girls Who Code community puts their minds to something. Together we’ve created the largest pipeline of future female software engineers in the US and by the end of this year, Girls Who Code will have reached 40,000 students—that’s 4X the number of female computer science graduates in the US (!)

Now imagine what can happen if we put our issues center stage and our next President champions closing the gender gap in technology.

We can do it. Vote now & spread the word!